Got a Shreveport Raccoon Infestation? Why Poison is NOT the Solution!

Once you encounter a raccoon in your Shreveport attic, basement, or yard, you will need to immediately call the service of an animal control agency. They have the means to deliver a potent and safe solution to your problem. Nonetheless, some people will still think that using poison is a more convenient approach. Unfortunately, they are probably unaware on the adverse effect of the poison. In this article, we enumerated some of the reasons why you should never use poison.

4 Negative Effects of Using Poison

Using poison is not recommended by any Louisiana animal agency and professional wildlife removal service. This is due to the numerous dangers that are related with the use of rodenticide. These are just 4 of the reasons that will convince you not to use poison when dealing with your raccoon infestation.

1. It Can Kill Pets and Children

The poisons that are in the form of pellets are deadly not only for the pests but also for pets and your Louisiana children. Poisons can indeed address your infestation issue but only for a short time. Placement of the poison is also crucial. In case you put it in the area that is within the reach of your pets or kids, it can expose them to the same dangers. Remember that it will only take a few pellets to kill your birds, and cats. More pellets can kill your dog and a little kid.

2. There Are Poisons that Will Make the Shreveport Raccoon Explode

Raccoons and other rodents do not have the capacity to release air. The buildup of gas on their tummy can be lethal to them. Unfortunately, this is a mean way to deal with them. There are pellets that will react when it came into contact with the digestive juices of the raccoon. This will increase the gas on their stomach. Since they can’t release this, their abdomen will explode. This is a process that will take several days to take effect. This means that the raccoon will suffer an excruciating and painful death.

3. This will not End Your Problem

While someone may think that poison can deal with their Louisiana raccoon infestation, it does not necessarily mean that it will end your problem. Killing the creature with a poison will simply lead to another problem. Their dead body will normally be located in the concealed area of our house. It will release a disgusting scent that will make it uncomfortable to stay in your house. Eliminating the scent will often result to costly expenses. 

4. Inhumane

Perhaps no one will care if the raccoon is treated inhumanely. However, you should still be aware that there are laws that protect this creature against inhumane eviction. If you choose the humane method, you don’t have to deal with the carcass of the raccoon that may invite the other pest in your house. You also do not have to worry if you are staying in the boundary of laws. 

We do not encourage the use of rodenticide to get rid of the Shreveport raccoon. They are harmful and dangerous to those who came in contact with them. They can also cause indirect harm to you. They have anticoagulants ingredients that will harm the non-targets.

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