Which Deterrents Work Against Louisiana Squirrels: Ultrasonic or Bright Lights?

Keeping the Shreveport squirrels away from your property is relatively easy with the right solution. Unfortunately, most of us have been given wrong information about the deterrents and repellents that are sold in the market today. The claims of various manufacturer of deterrents machine are most of the times far from the fact. Let us analyze if these deterrent machine will indeed work as promised.

Using Bright Lights and Ultrasonic Devices to Drive Away Squirrels

A device that you simply have to plug in order to get rid of the unwanted Louisiana critters will sound like an excellent solution. Unfortunately, these products that are marketed to frighten the creatures away may not effectively work. Based on the study that was conducted at the UniverShreveport of Kansas, the efficacy of these machines may work on a particular pest but not on all nuisance creatures.

Shreveport Ultrasonic Devices

Based on the claim of their manufacturer, the ultrasonic devices will release a high-pitch noise that has the ability to repel Louisiana rodents such as squirrel. They said that this frequency is beyond the hearing capacity of human and will disrupt and annoy the activity of the squirrels. Products that can control pest are being monitored and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency which is why it is so easy for us to assume that the ultrasonic devices are legit products. However, EPA does not regulate these devices. This means that the manufacturers are not required to submit proof of their claims.

While the rodents will easily be startled by an unfamiliar sound, they can easily adapt to the situation. This simply means that devices that use sound to deter their activities will not be effective against them. Study shows that a tree squirrel can easily be familiar when exposed to a repeated sound. After only a few days, they will not really pay attention to that noise.

Bright Lights

You will often hear someone suggesting that bright lights will resolve your Louisiana squirrel infestation. Unfortunately, you should just ignore this remedy since they will not deliver a long-term result. Just like how the squirrels will be accustomed to the different sound, they will also adapt on the changes in their environment. Once they realized that the bright lights do not pose any threat to them, they will still choose to return to your property rather to be outside and be exposed to the dangers of predators. In addition, filling up your entire house with bright lights will be expensive. The squirrel can also build their nest in a way that blocks those lights. With too many available materials inside your house, obstructing the light will not be a problem.

Instead of using these unsuccessful methods to deter the activity of the Shreveport squirrels, you should stick to the proven effective method such as trapping. Should you still wish to use deterrents, it is recommended to choose fencing. You may also install barriers that will greatly improve the effectiveness of your fences.  

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