Does Your Local Louisiana Animal Service Help with Snake Problems?

The facility of the Shreveport animal service is usually designed to handle mammals. However, they can still provide advice with regards to your pet snake. The animal service is primarily tasked to enforce the state laws and ordinances that pertain to fowls and domesticated animals. They are also responsible in promoting responsible and humane treatment of animals and pets. With regards to snake, there are only some instances when they can provide their assistance to you.

The Responsibilities of the City Animal Service

The animal service can provide a range of services to the public. They can also schedule a toured visit on the Louisiana shelter, and act as guest speakers on different audiences. In terms of snake problems, they can only help you with your pet snake and if the infestation happens outside of a private property.


In case you are interested in adopting a pet, you can simply head to their online site and complete their application. Unfortunately, they may not have a snake for you to adopt. Their online application is intended to help them look for the best pet that will match your need and preference. For those who are renting a property, the city animal service will require a proof that you are allowed to own a pet in your rental house. You will need to pay certain fee to complete the adoption process.

Shreveport Animal Problems

With regards to Louisiana animal problems, they will only address issues related to domesticated animal problems such as missing pets, problematic pets, and maltreated animals. You may call them any time of the week during business hours. If it is related to animal emergencies such as bites and injuries, the animal service should respond even after the office hours. However, like we mentioned above, there are some limitations on their service. If the situation is related with bites and injuries of the wildlife species such as snakes, they won’t be able to address this issue since they are not properly equipped with reptile-related issues. If it is an injured snake, it is best to call the wildlife rehabilitation centers.


Removal of mammals will only be done on private properties and in case they are threatening the safety of the Louisiana community. Usually, they will not cause any conflict when they are in their natural setting. If the snake invasion happened within the private property, the snake removal specialist will be able to provide you with a better assistance. Simply call for their service in order to deal with your issue.

Knowing the right Shreveport agency to call will help you address your problem immediately. The city animal service usually handles problems related with domesticated animals and other mammals. I’m afraid they cannot handle your snake invasion problem. If you have an injured or sick snake in your property, call the wildlife rehabilitation center. On the other hand, if you have a snake infestation, the wildlife control agency would provide an excellent solution to your problem.

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