Steps to Take ASAP After Catching Shreveport Bats!

In case you managed to capture a Shreveport bat, it is not recommended to hold them using your bare hands. You are also not encouraged to rehabilitate it when you lack the basic knowledge. Handling the bats when you don’t have the experience will put their life in peril. Perhaps the main concern of those people who are having contact with the bats would be their rabies. However, you will be surprised to know that only less than .25% of the bats population is potential carrier of rabies. Furthermore, the bats with rabies will usually look for a concealed area to die.

Things You Should Do After Catching Bats

If you haven't caught the bat, let us remind you that you should never use a cage with a little opening. The Louisiana bats are clever creature and they can easily escape cage with small openings. You should also never attempt to catch a flying bat. A bat that is flying actively is difficult if not impossible to capture. The bats that cannot escape from your house will be erratic and have a tendency to bite. 

Examine If They Are Baby Bats

In case you are dealing with a baby bat, you will need the help of the professional wildlife rehabilitator to keep them safe. You will have to contain them and keep them secured from the predators. You will have to guard them while waiting for the wildlife rehabilitators to come. If the bat is in panic, do not touch them with your hand. Simply monitor the area until the professional help arrives.

Releasing the Bats

Bats are protected under the law, you are not allowed to kill, possess, or even capture the Louisiana bats. However, there are still exclusions to this policy. If your reason for capturing the bats is within legal boundaries, the next best course of action would be to release them. You will need to immediately take them outdoor to release. In case the bat has difficulty in flying, you will have to prepare gloves, towel and flashlight. Look for an elevated area. Use a ladder in case you have to reach a higher place. Do not tackle this task on your own; be sure to ask the assistance of an adult family member. Lift the container and tilt it, allowing the bat to escape. It is not advised to release the bats during winter season and during harsh weather condition. 

Monitor the Bat

After you release them, you need to make sure that they are fully capable of flight. You may need to observe them for a few minutes. If they appear to have difficulty in flying, it is possible that they have injury. Use a towel to scoop the bat. Keep them contained and make sure that pets and the kids will not be allowed near the bat. 

Finally, you should call the help of an expert Shreveport wildlife removal agency. They should be able to assist you regarding this matter. They are well-versed on all the legalities that are related with bat exclusion.

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